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MASACares Mini-Grants


MASACares Mini-Grants provide a stimulating platform from which artists, innovators and movement-makers can create by funding proposals catered to artistic development, community cultural event programming and philanthropic initiatives.

Artistic Development

Expenses (up to $300) associated with personal and/or professional development of one's artistic craft:

-For dance/music training programs or events

-Skills training (videography, photography, design, etc.) to support or collaborate with other community artists

Community Cultural Event Programming

Expenses (up to $600) associated with putting together events that are open to the public and showcase an aspect of cultural programming:

-Dancing and/or live/recorded music

-Artistic performances

-Panel talks/info sessions on culturally specific topics

Philanthropic Initiatives

Expenses (up to $600) associated with the arrangement of initiatives that impact social awareness and our communities at-large:

-Free services to members of a community

-Development of an awareness campaign for a specific cause

Please note that the above bullets are only examples and do not represent an exhaustive list of how each mini-grant type can be used.


If you have an idea that is not listed above, but correlates to a particular mini-grant, we welcome you to complete this Guidance Form to share your proposal idea and we will provide feedback to help you navigate the proposal application.

Application Cycles

Spring 2021 Cycle:

Application Launch: Monday, Mar. 1

Application Deadline: Friday, Apr. 23

Notifications to be sent out: Wednesday, May 12

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Terms & Conditions

The following are required of all mini-grant recipients following the receipt of funds.

Use of Funds
Recipients agree to use funds for expenses that advance the development of the agreed upon mini-grant proposal (as will be stipulated in the Award Notification Letter) by the end of this summer (Aug. 31, 2021).

MASACares staff reserve the right to decide whether or not expenses are acceptable for the use of all awarded funds.

Submit all electronic expense receipts to Paper receipts can be scanned/photographed (clearly) and forwarded to us. Include your name and brief description of the expense within the email.

Communicate regularly with MASACares staff for feedback and updates on your activities until the purpose of the mini-grant has been completed. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly check-ins will be set following the initial meeting to confirm your Award Notification Letter.

Failure to complete these terms may result in forfeiture of the mini-grant or disqualification from future funds.

Selection Process

Proposals are reviewed by the Application Review Subcommittee consisting of diverse community artists, educators, education administrators and youth programming facilitators across the region.

If there are clarifying questions about your proposal, you may be asked to respond over email, phone, or video chat. Failure to respond may result in a delayed or disqualified application.

If selected to receive a MASACares Mini-Grant, you will receive an email with your Award Notification Letter attached and instructions to schedule a phone or virtual call to confirm receipt and communicate next-steps. Failure to respond may result in forfeiture of the min-grant.

Please note that funds are limited, and it is a competitive review process, so even if you are not awarded a mini-grant, we strongly encourage you to apply during future cycles.

Eligibility Criteria

Preferred (not required) Criteria
-Applicants should be individuals (or collaborative collectives/organizations) who are new to the process of grant writing/proposal submissions. The intention is to work with those who are new to the process and help them formulate their proposal ideas into successful applications.

-Aspire to pursue an artistic field of study/practice within music and/or dance that is rooted within Afro-Latin culture (or within another artistic medium).

-Intend to use artistry to build community.

-Applicants should be based within Massachusetts between Worcester and the eastern coastline.

Required Criteria
-Be 16 years of age or older (if under 18, parental consent required).

MASACares staff have the authority to determine eligibility for all proposals.

Apply HERE

Thank you for your interest in the MASACares Mini-Grants!

Prior to completing the online application, we recommend reviewing our mission, vision, values and code of conduct HERE and the eligibility criteria and terms and conditions sections above.

Guidance Form
As a way of preparing applicants to submit successful proposals, you may complete this Google form to share your proposal idea and we will provide feedback to help you navigate the proposal application.

Proposal Application
Click HERE to access our Mini-Grant Application.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Mini-Grant Details

Can groups apply?

Yes, if applying on behalf of a group, organization, etc., you will need to list a member as the Main Contact. The MC will serve as the liaison for all communications, notifications, and questions. MCs will take primary responsibility for receiving and responding to all correspondence. You’ll be able to specify this on your application.

Larger or established groups such as non-profit organizations can also apply, but the focus of the proposal should be on a specific initiative, project, program, etc. as opposed to applying to cover general operating expenses.

Please contact us ( if you have any other questions :)

Application FAQs