Qigong & Meditation Program

About this Class

Started in the fall of 2018, the Qigong & Meditation program serves our community with two weekly virtual sessions that are free and open to all. Cultivate peace of mind and tranquility by learning some basic techniques of meditative practices for aligning mind, body and soul with Joel Massicot.


The class starts off with a Chinese practice called Qigong, an internal system that helps a person become one with their life force energy. Many physical issues stem from mental and emotional stress that create imbalances within the energy centers of the body. Qigong practice helps us nurture self-healing by managing the stressful emotions that prey on the mind when our chi is not regulated or balanced. Through it, you can build a deeper awareness and efficiency of breath to support and help build stamina around the respiratory system.


We then end the class with mindful meditation to help the practice solidify a more grounded experience creating momentum and inspiration in a person's daily routine. Class is open to all students. New students are welcome any time.

What you will work on:

– Pranayama Meditation

– Movement Exercises (Tai Chi)

– Controlled Breathing

– Body Alignment

– Qi (Chi) Awareness

Live Virtual Session Times via Zoom:

Wednesdays from 8am-9am EST

Fridays from 8am-9am EST

How to Register:

The virtual recordings (and additional resources) are stored on MasacoteTV. Click this LINK to access them. You'll need to "enroll for free", which will prompt you to create an account if you don't already have one. The first lesson of the course will provide you with the Zoom meeting link should you wish to participate in the live virtual sessions.

Zoom FAQs:

This LINK provides a walk-through to access the online platform should you be unfamiliar with it. Please refer to it in advance of accessing the online classes so that you may have everything situated beforehand.

These classes will be free of charge



– Please wear comfortable clothing or yoga attire.

– Class will be taught barefoot or with socks.

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