Location & Cabin Options


Oceanwood Facilities Include:


• 175 acres of beautiful woodlands and estuary.
• Lodging ranging from dorm-style rooms to family-style, rustic cabins.
• A meeting area with stone fireplace, cozy couches, and piano.
• A large, welcoming lodge facility fully equipped with stage & hardwood floors.
• A beautiful dining hall with vaulted ceilings for buffet style dining.
• Basketball courts and log swing sets around the camp.
• Access to Wi-Fi and free parking on the premises.
• Only four blocks from the Atlantic beach.

Cabin Options

Lodging at Oceanwood ranges from dorm-style rooms to family-style, rustic cabins. Private and shared-room options are available, and your price depends on the cabin style of choice. Oceanwood staff cleans sleeping areas before, mid-week, and after camp, although we ask that you be courteous to the cleanliness of the area. Mitchell Hall Dormitories

Mitchell Hall is only available during the August Retreat and offers a special Private room with half-bathroom option (the only personal bathroom available). It is perfect for those wanting a bit more quiet space and privacy. The personal bathroom is equipped with a sink and toilet. Communal showers are available in the hall outside the room. Mitchell Hall is attached to Holt Lodge, and it is located a short three-minute walk from either the dining hall or Lawton Lodge.

Holt Lodge Dormitories

Holt Lodge offers accommodations in eight (8) double-occupancy rooms with shared baths, and a meeting room/den with stone fireplace where Masacote Retreat participants will meet during evenings for a group discussion over hot chocolate and tea. Rooms are set up in college-dormitory fashion, and each has a dresser, hanging rack, and two (2) twin-sized beds that can be placed together for couples or private rooms. There are up to two people per room, with private options. This room is perfect for couples or participants who are light (or loud) sleepers (please let us know if this is the case as we will do our best to place you with someone suitable or recommend a private room). Holt Lodge is located a short two-minute walk from either the dining hall or Lawton Lodge. Ataloa #1-4 Cabins Ataloa Cabins #1-4 are renovated and each contains three (3) bedrooms, a shared bathroom, and a meeting room equipped with refrigerator and microwave. Rooms are set up in dormitory-style fashion and fit up to four (4) people per room, with private options. Room 1 is a private room with a double bed, great for a couple or individual looking for some private space. Rooms 2 & 3 have 2 bunk beds each. These cottages are located next to Lawton Lodge and are a short two-minute walk from the dining hall. Ataloa #7-10 Cabins Ataloa Cabins #7-10 are smaller, cozier, yet unfurnished, cabins, and each contains two (2) bedrooms, and a shared bathroom. These rooms do not have a meeting room or refrigerator. Rooms are set up in dormitory-style fashion and fit up to four (4) people per room, with private options. Room 1 is the main room you enter into, with two (2) bunk beds, and leads into Room 2, a separate small, but private, room with a double bed for those looking for a bit more privacy. Please note these cottages contain only a screen door and curtain as shown in the photo, which allows for more breeze at night. They are located next to Lawton Lodge and are a short two-minute walk from the dining hall.

Oceanwood Facilities

Lawton Lodge Lawton Lodge, located in the Ataloa Cabin area, is a 3,000-square-foot space, 75′ long x 40′ wide, and has a built in stage for easy viewing. The high ceilings, rustic interior, hardwood floors, and sunlight through the windows make the room feel like a welcoming sanctuary. Dance and music classes take place in Lawton Lodge. The Holt Lodge Den Holt Lodge is equipped with a meeting room/den for group meetings, chats, and get-togethers. Masacote Retreaters meet here for evening discussions over hot chocolate and tea. Topics covered range from History of Salsa to Musicality. Royal Ambassador Dining Hall At Oceanwood’s beautiful dining hall, guests enjoy buffet-style dining in the summer. Round dining room tables are set up throughout the hall, and the Oceanwood chef prepares sumptuous cuisine in a clean, industrial-style kitchen. Vegetarian, vegan, wheat and dairy-free diets are accommodated. Oceanwood staff cleans the dining hall area, although we ask that you be courteous and clean up after yourself. Oceanwood Activities When you’re taking a break from all the salsa training, feel free to walk to the beach (just five minutes away), play a game of basketball on one of the camp’s many courts, grab a Frisbee, start a camp fire, camp out on a log swing with a book, or chat with friends in the open air of the camp grounds. There is something for everyone! Best of all, an on-campus masseuse is available specifically for Masacote retreat guests looking to ease those sore muscles! Oceanwood Land Outside the buildings at Oceanwood, you will find flowerbeds, meadows, woodland paths and giant old maple trees. Oceanwood sits on 175 acres of wooded land that extend seamlessly into a great expanse of forest. Winding trails around the camp make for delightful adventures for walking or running hikes. This is the perfect place for taking personal retreats, rejuvenating, and observing nature. Oceanwood sits only four blocks from the Atlantic! Take a day to visit Old Orchard Beach, and try to schedule a morning to watch the sunrise over the ocean. The seven-mile long stretch of wide sandy beach is understandably the major attraction, but there is also an amusement park at the beachfront with arcades, carousels, ferris wheels and more!

Oceanwood Conference Center


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What People Say

“More than a retreat, it was a dream getaway for a whole week, a mix of dance, culture, all in one amazing program with a wonderful weather, shared with wonderful people from around the world.”

-Miledy Acosta