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Afro Cuban Workshop w/ Aaron

Saturday, Jan. 22, 2022 | 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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About the Workshop

Our very own Joel Massicot is traveling all the way from the Netherlands and will teach live, in-studio workshops just for the tribe on Saturday, November 6th!

Footwork Groove @ 2pm (Stage 2 Prerequisite)

We'll begin learning to fuse easily through different movements and steps by connecting to the swing and groove of the music. Understand how to connect with the groove of the rhythm effectively. Click HERE to purchase separately. Click HERE for the virtual drop-in.

Salsa Percussion @ 3pm (All Stages Welcome)

Next, learn the basic rhythms in Salsa/Afro Latin music. We’ll work on specific rhythmic structures like Salsa, Bembe, and Palo. The class will allow you to understand how the instruments work with each other on a harmonious level. Click HERE to purchase separately.

Qigong/ Tai Chi Ball Meditation @ 4pm (All Stages Welcome)

Finally, learn the fundamentals and techniques of Qigong and Meditation. In this class, we’ll be focusing on incorporating Qigong techniques using a Tai Chi Ball for better balance, alignment, and energy strengthening. No charge to participate.

COVID-19 Guidelines: Please note that all safety guidelines must be followed throughout the duration of the class.  Please see HERE for the CAC's protocols.

Price: $30 (full workshop)

Limit: 20 Students

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Additional Details

– What to wear: Dress comfortably! Sweat pants, dress pants, leggings, leotards, skirts, wraps and/or sarongs are all welcome. If you do not have dance shoes, we’d recommend heels or dress shoes with a slick bottom that do not give traction when spinning.


Studio Location

Masacote School; at Cambridge Athletic Club
215 First St; Cambridge (Upstairs Main Room)

–Enter through First St. entrance by pressing the gray button for security to buzz you in.

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