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Mitchell Provence

Guest Coach


Specialties: Body Awareness, Movement Fluidity

The human physique and its movement is something that always has inspired me. As a student of dance for 22 years in different disciplines and in different countries, I’ve come to the realization that true connection happens with awareness of your body. Not by sole knowledge of the mind.


Therefore, it became my mission to bridge the gap between these two in a playful, compassionate and uplifting manner. Body awareness, whole-body connection, balance and stability, three-dimensional movement, flow, creativity are several topics that we’ll work on during my classes.

Check out Mitchell's company, Limitless Movement, for more information on his artistry, passion, and approach to teaching movement. Mitchell will be teaching a special two-hour block of virtual classes on Wednesday evenings starting in September.


See HERE for more info on his upcoming classes.

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What People Say

“From all of us here at BDA, a very big thank you for making the after party such a success….You all did a tremendous job of keeping it simple and fun. So many, many thanks.”

-Ruth Birnberg, Former Executive Director, Boston Dance Alliance

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