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Upcoming Events

Afro-Cuban Dance Workshop w/ Jonathan B.
Saturday, June 17th, 2023 | 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm


About The Afro-Cuban Dance Workshop Series

We are so excited to continue Masacote’s Afro-Cuban Dance Workshop Series. Afro-Cuban dance specialists will host different workshops throughout the year where you will have the opportunity to do more than just learn salsa. You will explore the various forms of the Afro-Cuban dance tradition through different movements representing the Orishas (deities from the African traditions brought to Cuba). Making this connection will allow you to embrace salsa through a cultural context in community with other salsa dancers.

Jonathan Burke is back in Boston to teach an Afro-Cuban Orisha dance workshop. We will focus on clean, articulate body movement in coordination with the music and songs that accompany them.


Jonathan B., currently living in Atlanta, GA, began dancing with MetaMovements Latin Dance in Boston, MA, where he began learning Cuban popular dances. Through his time at MetaMovements he was able to connect with various masters in Cuban Folklore from various major Cuban dance institutes. Later on he joined Masacote where he learned On2, became a coach and performed with Masa2 and the Masacote Dance Company. When Jonathan  left Boston he became a choreographer for the respected  DC Casineros. Jonathan is currently an independent dance educator who teaches in Atlanta and travels to Share culture through dance.


Jonathan has taught many styles of Latin and Cuban dance over the years but mainly focuses on traditional Cuban dances (Afro-Cuban, Rumba, Son, Casino, etc)


So, why should you take this workshop?

   -A better understanding of the origins of Cuban dance

   -Conditioning, flexibility, body isolation, and technique

   -Find and develop your own flavor and styling to incorporate into your salsa dancing

   -A greater connection and appreciation for the rhythms and movements

   -More than dance, you will learn the stories and belief systems behind each movement


When: Saturday, June 17th, 2023,  2pm – 4pm

Where: Cambridge Athletic Club, 215 First Street, Cambridge, MA. 02142



Price: $30

COVID-19 Guidelines:

Please note that all safety guidelines must be followed throughout the duration of the class.  Please see HERE for the CAC's protocols.

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Additional Details

What to wear: Dress comfortably! Sweatpants, dress pants, leggings, leotards, skirts, wraps, and sarongs are all welcome. Dance shoes are not required for this workshop.


Studio Location

Masacote School; at Cambridge Athletic Club
215 First St; Cambridge (Upstairs Main Room)


Enter through the First St. entrance by pressing the gray button for security to buzz you in.

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