June Workshops w/ Joel

Saturday, Jun. 5, 2021 | 2:00pm-4:00pm

About the Workshops

We are excited to announce two upcoming workshops in June! Joel will be joining us for the weekend to offer them back-to-back. As a way of transitioning back into the CAC, we will host these as physical (not hybrid) workshops.

Spots are limited to 14 students per workshop and will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Advance registration is required as transactions will not be processed onsite.

COVID-19 Guidelines: Please note that all safety guidelines must be followed throughout the duration of the class.  Please see HERE for the CAC's protocols.

Footwork Flow from 2-3pm:


This workshop will be a fusion of Salsa Footwork blended in with the flow of Tai Chi. We will work on how to connect our Tai Chi breathing into our movement in general, while creating a footwork combination through the process.


Price: $20 ($30 for both workshops)
Limit: 14 students

Basic Salsa Percussion from 3-4pm:


This workshop will be a Salsa percussion class. We will be focusing on learning the basic functions of the primary percussive instruments and rhythms for Salsa music.


Price: $20 ($30 for both workshops)
Limit: 14 students

Want to take both? Save $10 and purchase HERE!

Additional Details

– In accordance with CAC protocols, we will need to practice physical distancing (6 ft.) and masks will need to be worn at all times while the workshops are in session.

– For Footwork Flow, we ask that everyone have a Stage 2 comprehension (reference the Salsa Stage 2 Footwork drop-down menu HERE) or at least a contextual understanding of salsa movement, timing, and rhythms.

– All students are welcome to attend the Basic Salsa Percussion workshop.


Studio Location

Masacote School; at Cambridge Athletic Club
215 First St; Cambridge

–Enter through First St. entrance by pressing the gray button for security to buzz you in.

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