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July Spinning Technique
(5-week Intensive)

Starts July 1st, 2024 | Mondays 7:30pm - 9:30pm


About the Intensive​ 

Work with Serena for 5-weeks on the fundamentals of spins: balance, momentum, body awareness, styling, strength, speed, and more! You will move through many different exercises, drills and techniques to find ease and flow in your spins

Do you feel dizzy after a double? 

Always feel like you're losing your balance? 

Do you want to push yourself to do doubles….triples… quadruples….?

Do you want to spin up a storm?


The July Spin Intensive will make spinning fun, accessible and as easy as 5-6-7. Become a spin whizz! Find your center!

What you will work on:

    - Break down all the elements of spinning

    - Build strength, speed and agility.

    - Posture/Presence

    - Timing

    - Find your center and your spot

    - Technique Drills/Exercises


This intensive will introduce you to all salsa spin types: axels, pivots, spot turns, inside, outside, hook turns, compass turns, jazz turns, Joel turns and more. You’ll leave able to do multiple spins, have increased awareness of your body in rotation and understand your frame, posture and axis while spinning. In addition, you will incorporate spinning in partnering and in shines, for both lead and follows.


Each class will be broken down into the components necessary for successful, controlled spins, making each piece accessible and achievable. Keep in mind that this class is for both leads and follows


This includes spotting, strengthening, finding your center, proper knee, foot and frame position, physics of generating momentum, and controlling your rotation, and applying brakes (unfortunately, it’s necessary)...


We’ll turn around your turns and you’ll leave class spinning like a top. 


Slay your spins: Join us for the July Spinning Intensive!! 


You’ll walk in and you’ll spin out.

This intensive is progressive, so registering for all 5-weeks is highly suggested. Drop-ins for each can be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Knowledge of On 2 Timing & Basic Steps required (Stage 1+). Contact us with questions!

Dates: July 1st to July 29th (5 weeks total)

Schedule: Mondays 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Cost: $125 per 5 weeks ( Drop-ins $40 )

Note*: All students on Memberships receive a 30% discount. Unlimited memberships pay flat rate of $50

Limit: Limited to 25 students
Stage Requirement: Salsa Stage 1+ (Knowledge of Basics On2)
Coach: Serena Eastman

COVID-19 Guidelines:

Per CAC's safety guidelines and approved by the City of Cambridge, face masks or coverings are no longer required to be worn inside gyms. However. we do encourage those who feel more comfortable wearing masks to continue to do so. 

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Additional Details

What to wear: Dress comfortably! Sweatpants, dress pants, leggings, leotards, skirts, wraps, and sarongs are all welcome. Dance shoes are not required for this workshop.


Studio Location

Masacote School; at Cambridge Athletic Club
215 First St; Cambridge (Upstairs Main Room)


Enter through the First St. entrance by pressing the gray button for security to buzz you in.

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