Student Team Auditions

Sunday, January 13  | 1:00-3:00pm

Our 2019 performance class season is coming! Auditions held for:

Student Performance Team

This is a six-month performance class that launches every January. It is designed for leaders and followers seeking to drill technique and push themselves outside their comfort zones via choreography and performance. Please email in advance if interested in this specific team:

Training with: G Rossignol
Auditioning for: 2 Leaders & 1 Follower

– Availability to train Tues/Thurs 9:30-10:30pm
– Masacote Salsa Stage 3 dance proficiency
– Strong Work Ethic
– Six-month commitment (Jan – June 2019)
– $100/month ($75 membership rate)
– Must also attend minimum one Tues/Thurs class weekly
– Limited to 7 Couples
– This group is first-come, first-served. Auditions are to demonstrate Stage 3 proficiency.

More details to be given at auditions.

MASA2 Professional Track Program

MASA2 is a high-intensity, one-year coaching program that launches every February. It is designed for dancers seeking to train with Masacote in a direct, challenging setting for staff and dancer development. Application required.

Training with: Joel Massicot
Auditioning for: Spots Filled

– Availability to rehearse Mondays 7:30-10pm
– Masacote Salsa Stage 3 dance proficiency
– Dedicated work ethic
– One-year commitment (Feb – Dec 2019)
– $199/month (for program and unlimited group classes)
– Attend 1 partnering class/week in addition to MASA2 training
– Coach track or Dancer track
– Application on background & goals (filled out at auditions)

More details to be given at auditions.

What to Expect

Arrive early to fill out paperwork and wear sweats or leggings and dance shoes. You will be lead through a warm-up, movement drills, spin drills, and a footwork/partnering choreography during the evening.

Studio Location

Masacote School; at Cambridge Athletic Club
215 First St; Cambridge

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