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Ritmo Masacote is a powerhouse 13-piece Cuban Salsa Orchestra with top Boston/New York Latin musicians. Concerts presented by this young, charismatic crew are full of life, spirit, and contagious energy. The orchestra was created to make listeners want to move and dancers want to groove.

Ritmo Masacote was founded in 2006 as a Latin Jazz band. It crossed over into the Cuban Salsa market in 2009 when the musical director, Joel Masacote, began fusing Timba (Cuban Salsa), Reggae and Yoruba (Afro-Cuban percussion). The new Caribbean Salsa sound has earned the band legions of fans in countries as far as Italy, Japan, Peru, and Colombia.

Ritmo Masacote and the Masacote Dance Company are often booked together for concert events.

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The ensemble’s music can be heard in motion pictures, on global instructional DVDs, and on major radio stations and satellite radio, both nationally and internationally.

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