July 9-15, 2017 Salsa Retreat
in Oceanwood, Maine


Spots Left: 1 Leader available. Contact for info.
Ladies with knowledge of basic leads welcome to attend as leaders.
Followers Sold Out (Contact for Waitlist).

Your Registration to This All-Inclusive Camp Covers:

– Room and board
– Food (3 Meals a Day) while at retreat prepared by our Personal Oceanwood Chef
  (All food is prepared in a Clean, Industrial-Style Kitchen)
– Styling classes EVERY DAY from Ana Masacote for ladies
– Footwork classes EVERY DAY from Joel Masacote for men
– Combined dance and music classes for men and women
– Assistant Masacote coaches there to help throughout the classes
– Scheduled practice and social dance sessions for the group
– UNLIMITED access to the dance studio all day for extra practice on your own
– Nearby beaches, archery & outdoor activities available (weather dependent)
– Access to basketball courts and more around the camp
– Sunday shuttle bus from Boston airport to Oceanwood and back Saturday
– Entrance to Saturday’s finale celebration in Boston
– Saturday room and board in Boston (2 per room; Privates available for added fee)
– All in a BEAUTIFUL location only 1.5 hours outside of Boston!

In addition, attendees receive a Special Masacote Gift Bag for FREE with surprises!
But above all, get an experience like none other you have ever had before…

* Please note flights to Boston are not included.

July Salsa Retreat Schedule

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Bus leaves Boston Logan Airport for Retreat
Check in (No one registered before this time)
Group Dinner
Welcome with Masacote Retreat Staff

Monday, July 10, 2017 – Friday, July 14, 2017

  • – Weekday Schedule
  • – Classes EVERY DAY with Ana, Joel and Masacote Assistant Coaches!
  • – Wednesday classes end @ 12:30pm to allow for rest, practice, and outings.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Check out and Boston road trip
Check-in at Boston hotel
Finale Celebration at Boston Social

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Check out and departure

Guests are responsible for transportation from hotel to airport Sunday.
Schedule is subject to change.

Why This Retreat is For You

This retreat is for people who are looking for a detailed course of training and are interested in working on the finer points of dance often overlooked in classes. It is about learning the how, not the what, in dance. And most of all, it is for people looking for a break from life and personal reflection.

We have dancers of all skill levels and ages who attend. However, all attendees of the retreat must know the basics of Salsa On 2 (timing, cross body lead, inside turn, outside turn). All these moves can be found in our online studio at www.Masacote.TV. Women are welcome to attend as leaders as long as they can adequately lead these basic steps.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

How to Find the Retreat Location

How to find us

Masacote’s Weeklong July Summer Retreats are held at:

Oceanwood Retreat Location
17 Royal St.
Ocean Park, ME 04063
Just 1.5 Hours out of Boston

For guests driving in, there is parking on the premises.

Boston to Oceanwood Shuttle Transportation

Please note flights to Boston are not included. For all guests taking flights in, Masacote will arrange bus transportation from Boston Logan Airport (BOS) to Oceanwood and back to the Boston hotel Saturday. Guests are responsible for transportation to airport the final Sunday from Boston hotel. Masacote is not responsible for missed flights, which will require attendee to find his/her own transportation to the retreat location from Boston.

– July 2017 Retreat: Bus will leave airport at exactly 2:00pm on July 9th and retreat location at exactly 11:00am on July 15th.

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What People Say

“More than a retreat, it was a dream getaway for a whole week, a mix of dance, culture, all in one amazing program with a wonderful weather, shared with wonderful people from around the world.”

Miledy Acosta

“It was another great retreat and amazing experience, and I cannot wait to go back in August. These retreats have literally changed my life and I am so grateful and thankful to you … for making me a much happier person and a better and stronger dancer. I feel so privilege to be able to attend the retreats and be part of the Masacote family.”

Andreanne Dion

“Absolutely incredible! The Masacote Retreat has forever changed me! I learned so much about, Salsa, and myself!”

Robbie Sky

” You can only get so far taking group classes, and I felt like I had hit a plateau. The retreat has definitely reignited my motivation to practice and do whatever I can to be a better dancer.”

Kerri Tulloch