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Topical, educational articles and tips on dance and music written by Masacote staff and dancers.


Why Sleep is Essential in Dance

Dancing has an unfair reputation as merely a hobby rather than a sport. Yet in order to master some styles and moves, dancers need to have the physical fitness and concentration of an athlete. Physiotherapist Adam Rowland who has worked in both ballet and rugby league compared the two disciplines: “they [ballet dancers] do more


MASA Motivation:  Dance Tips For Beginner Students

Learning how to dance can be as intimidating as it is inspiring and joyful. In effort to help you embrace the learning process of dance, the Masacote Blog compiled a list of dance tips for beginners. They helped members from our own MasaTribe and Masacote Staff through their own journeys with dance. Whether you are


How to Choose the Right Dance School For You

You’ve been bitten by the dance bug! You decide today is the day you finally start dancing. How do you get started? How do you make sure you choose the right school? The first thing to understand is that great dancers do not necessarily make great instructors, and vice-versa. Yet when both worlds come together,


5 Steps to Developing Your Own Style

Have you ever wondered how to develop your own dance style? I get this question all the time — “I’m doing the same thing all the time, and I can see my partner getting bored. Can you teach me a new move?” The key, however, lies not in learning new moves, but in finding variations