MASA Motivation: Dance Tips For Beginner Students

Learning how to dance can be as intimidating as it is inspiring and joyful. In effort to help you embrace the learning process of dance, the Masacote Blog compiled a list of dance tips for beginners. They helped members from our own MasaTribe and Masacote Staff through their own journeys with dance. Whether you are just delving into the Latin dance world or are already a few months in, these tips are for you! We hope they will help you navigate the beginning stages of a beautiful and rewarding dance journey. Que viva el baile!

46362_10151175746984111_331982679_n Joel Masacote
Cambridge, MA

1) Try not to worry about how quickly you will get to a destination or outcome. Let the destination be where you are with anticipation for growth.

2) Enjoy the process.

46362_10151175746984111_331982679_nMori Granot-Sanchez
Providence, RI

3) You don’t have to know every dance move before you start dancing. Just get on the dance floor and have a good time!

4) Remember that dancing is like a language; it takes time to develop fluidity and get comfortable. The only way to progress is to keep practicing!

5) Keep in mind that even the most advanced dancer on the dancefloor was once a beginner.

6) Don’t feel intimidated – feel inspired.

7) Ask people to dance and if they say no, for whatever reason, do not blame yourself. Don’t let this discourage you from dancing. Just go ask the next person!

46362_10151175746984111_331982679_nAngie Egea
Cambridge, MA

8) It’s easy to develop bad habits at the beginning of your dance journey. Therefore, focusing on technique is key. Listen to your instructor, practice and always ask questions.

9) The Beginner stage is such a beautiful place to be in any art. Don’t let frustration get in the way of your growth. Enjoy your progress and process in dance.

46362_10151175746984111_331982679_nJorge Torres-Rosario
Providence, RI

10) In order to get comfortable with the basic step, you have to understand the count. In order to do so, it’s important to listen to as much salsa, bachata and merengue music as possible. Also, try finding the count in every song that you listen to, whether it’s hip-hop, pop or Afro-Latin music.

11) Don’t stress out if you can’t figure out a certain move or sequence. Yes, you are taking classes to learn how to dance, but remember, it is supposed to be fun. Just do what you can and try to enjoy what you are doing!

46362_10151175746984111_331982679_nIvania Zepeda
Providence, RI

12) Your body has a rhythm; find it and incorporate it into your dance.

13) Dance for yourself. This is your journey and you are in command – no one else.

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