“We Are Masacote” — Meet Dorianne

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Read transcript below of Dorianne’s own words…. (This video has been translated from Spanish)

“We are Masacote” — Meet Masacote Student Dorianne

46362_10151175746984111_331982679_nDorianne: “My name is Dori, and I’m from Puerto Rico.“

How did you get started with Salsa?

Dorianne: “…Well…It was a day that they told me of this club called Havana Club…And…I decided to try it. And I said ‘I’m Puerto Rican. Obviously I know how to dance Salsa.’  Well, I get to the club, and I see all these women dancing and doing a million spins that I could not do, and I said ‘No, no, no, no, no. This needs to change, and I’m going to take classes.’ And that’s how I began to take classes.”

What led you to Masacote?

Dorianne: “Well, I began to ask for references with my friends. So, actually, I met various people in Havana that night, and I began to ask where I should take classes, with who, and they recommended…they recommended Masacote.  And…Voila…“

What do you love about Masacote?

Dorianne: “…I really like the style. I really like the emphasis they give to the music because I was raised in Puerto Rico, so I was always a fan of Salsa, of the music, yes, and I grew up listening to it all the time, so I really like the connection that Masacote has with the music, and feel the music, and live it, and express it through the dance.

I think that the people really live what they are doing, and they, they live the music, they live Salsa, and you see that a lot in Puerto Rico, but the style I feel is more Cuban than, than Puerto Rican.

In fact, when I went to Puerto Rico the last time, my mom saw me dance and told me ‘You look like a Cuban dancing.’….(laughing)….And for me…for me, that was a compliment. But I think that she didn’t mean to say it like a compliment…(laughing)”

How has Masacote transformed your life?

Dorianne: “Well, to begin, my friends who don’t dance Salsa hate me because I don’t spend time with them anymore because I’m always dancing Salsa. (laughing)

I feel that my life has been impacted in…in a great form…I dedicate a lot, a lot, of time to Salsa, and, and it gives me a happiness…And it’s almost like an emptiness that has…that it has filled because before I always danced, and when I moved here, well, I had completely disconnected myself from that culture and simply from Salsa in general.  And since I moved…I had wanted to find that again but it took me a lot of years, it took me almost 6 years to find. And, well, I feel it was an emptiness that, that it filled, and now I’m much happier, and I’m always wanting to go out dancing, and I have more friends, and I enjoy it a lot. So, my social life has changed a lot, but in good form.“

Anything else you want to say?

Dorianne:”Join Masacote! (laughing)“

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