August 16-22, 2020 Partnering Retreat in Oceanwood, Maine


Limited to 25 Leaders, 25 Followers.

SOLD OUT of Follower Spots (Contact us to be added to the wait-list) & 5 Leader Spots Left

Your Registration to This All-Inclusive Camp Covers:

– Room and board
– Food (3 Meals a Day) while at retreat prepared by our Personal Oceanwood Chef
(All food is prepared in a Clean, Industrial-Style Kitchen)
– Styling & Footwork classes EVERY DAY directly from the Masacote Team
– Partnering classes EVERY DAY with rotating coaches
– Combined dance and music classes for men and women
– Assistant Masacote coaches there to help throughout the classes
– Scheduled practice and social dance sessions for the group
– UNLIMITED access to the dance studio all day for extra practice on your own
– Nearby beaches & outdoor activities available (weather dependent)
– Access to basketball courts and more around the camp
– Sunday shuttle bus from Boston airport to Oceanwood and back Saturday
– Entrance to Saturday’s finale celebration in Boston
– Saturday room and board in Boston (2 per room; Privates available for added fee)
– All in a BEAUTIFUL location only 1.5 hours outside of Boston!

In addition, attendees receive a Special Masacote Gift Bag for FREE with surprises!
But above all, get an experience like none other you have ever had before…

* Please note flights to Boston are not included.

August Salsa Retreat Schedule

Sunday, August 16

Bus leaves Boston Logan Airport for Retreat
Check in (No one registered before this time)
Group Dinner
Welcome with Masacote Retreat Staff

Monday, August 17 – Friday, August 21

  • – Weekday Schedule
  • – Classes EVERY DAY directly with the Masacote Tribe of Coaches!
  • – Wednesday classes end @ 12:30pm to allow for rest, practice, and outings.

Saturday, August 22

Check out and Boston road trip
Check-in at Boston hotel
Finale Celebration at Boston Social

Sunday, August 23

Check out and departure

Guests are responsible for transportation from hotel to airport Sunday.
Schedule is subject to change.

Why This Retreat is For You

This retreat is for people who are looking for a detailed course of training and are interested in working on the finer points of dance often overlooked in classes. It is about learning the how, not the what, in dance. And most of all, it is for people looking for a break from life and personal reflection.

We have dancers of all skill levels and ages who attend. However, all attendees of the retreat must know the basics of Salsa On 2 (timing, cross body lead, inside turn, outside turn).

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Meet the August Retreat Coaches


Ana “Masacote” Tinajero, an international ambassador of Latin dance and music, has more than 20 years of experience as an instructor, dancer, and choreographer. She has loved dancing since childhood, and she began her formal dance training with folkloric dance at age 5 and Salsa at age 15.

Ana was profiled in La Voz del Mambo Magazine as “The Future of Mambo,” in Cuerpo Magazine, and the Dallas Morning Newspaper; she has been a judge and guest of honor at salsa competitions and festivals worldwide. She believes that through dance, we can break down cultural barriers while we learn to better understand ourselves, and each other. View Full Bio…


Joel Massicot, an international ambassador of Latin dance and music, has more than 30 years of experience as a musician, instructor, dancer, and choreographer. He grew up in a musical family in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, and he began his music training with piano lessons at age 8, later mastering the trumpet, saxophone, and drums. He started dance training at 17.

Joel was featured in La Voz del Mambo Magazine as “The Future of Mambo”, and in Sabor Magazine; Joel has been a judge and guest of honor at salsa competitions and festivals worldwide. He believes that through dance, we can affect positive change in our communities and external environment. View Full Bio…


Angeline Egea began her formal dance training in her native Colombia with ballet at age 5, and flamenco at 14. She performed and competed with the Julie de Donado Flamenco Dance and Theater Companies.

Angeline continued her training with belly dance, modern/contemporary, hip-hop, salsa, samba, ballroom, capoeira and aerial dancing. She moved to Boston in 2008, where she won various ballroom competitions and received a teacher-training diploma from Extreme Dancesport Academy. Angeline began salsa training at the Hacha y Machete Company in 2011 and has been performing professionally and teaching dance since then. She believes dance is a wonderful vehicle through which people can better express and connect with themselves. View Full Bio…


Aaron Damus began his music training at the age of 5 in classical piano. While maintaining this training formally up into his 20’s, he also pursued studies in cello and classical voice beginning in his teenage years. At the University Of Miami School of Music, Aaron pursued a degree in classical vocal performance and sang for 4 seasons with the Florida Grand Opera as a professional chorister. Alongside his musical education, Aaron has also maintained a serious practice of Chinese martial arts having begun his studies at the age of 6.

Born and bred in Miami, Aaron was enveloped in Latin-Caribbean culture from day one. His passion for the music eventually brought him to begin formal training in Salsa and Latin dance in 2004, and he joined Masacote Dance Company in 2006. He coached with The Masacote Dance School since its inception in 2009 until 2016. Aaron combines a lifetime of music and movement training and over a decade of teaching experience with his knowledge of salsa to teach his students not only salsa technique, but also how the music drives us to dance.


G began formal dance training in fokloric dance, zouk, and compas at the age of 9. He studied in his hometown of Orange City, N.J. and during visits to Haiti. He went on to learn the Afro-Brazilian martial art capoeira, Latin dances bachata, salsa and merengue, and urban dances hip-hop and break dance, landing him his street name, “G.”

An avid supporter of youth dance programming, G teaches for the Learn Through Dance youth program and has taught Latin dance at Hyde Square Task Force. Before joining Masacote, G was a Latin dance instructor for 3.5 years with Salsa Matei Company. He has taught capoeira at Sinha Capoeira for 12 years. He believes in spreading the art of dance to give people a means of expression and to bring joy into their hearts and to those around them. View Full Bio…


Mori Granot began dancing Israeli folk, jazz, modern and ballet at a very young age in her native Haifa, Israel. She started salsa in 1999 with Cuban and LA Styles and later developed a passion for NY Style On 2 when she arrived to the US in 2006. She began teaching and performing a few years later and founded Rhode Island Latin Dance while also directing the Brown University Salsa Club.

Always striving to improve as a dancer, Mori’s professional dance development led her to train with Masacote Dance Company in 2011 at the Masacote Salsa Retreats. She has since continued her studies and research in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and is now the Co-Director and Co-Choreographer of Masacote’s MASA2 Professional-Track Company. Mori believes that life is a never-ending cycle of lessons and that each day should be lived to better one’s self.


Tanya Nicholle Tudor, creator of TNT Body-Mind Fitness, is originally from Barbados & has a masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tanya’s philosophy is that equilibrium the key to most everything, bearing in mind that balance is relative to each person, and that it is important to understand what “symmetry” means to and for you. Tanya looks forward to working with persons who are looking for those additional tools to help them redefine their health lifestyle.

“Get to know yourself better, believe in yourself and then the working out or rather “playing-out” is not all that difficult to follow. I welcome the opportunity to provide you with some basic, easy to follow overall fitness principles customized just for you. Achieve results that bring you joy”. Visit Website…


Charlie is a London (UK) based yoga teacher, teaching in the top yoga studios in London and retreats internationally. She began teaching Yoga and Meditation in 2011 after a decade of self practice. She has a therapeutic, individualized approach to working with her students, teaching a creative, slow hatha & breath-based flow practice, with a focus on alignment and joint health alongside teaching more meditative practices such as yin & restorative yoga.

She is extremely passionate about delivering yoga for all, with an inclusive approach to making yoga accessible for everyBODY. She has received extensive training from some top teachers around the world (Norman Blair, Judith Lasater, Sarah Powers, Rod Stryker, Hareesh Wallis and Bernie Clark) and tries to visit India regularly to enhance her own spiritual practice.


Pierre Etienne has a background that includes a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, Four Forces Interpersonal and Group Facilitator training, Shamanic healing, Afro-Haitian dance and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He loves to study the human body and how it heals. He has discovered and studied valuable perspectives and unique approaches and is combining these models to inform and create a bigger scope he names: embodiment.

“I am greatly influenced by the many pioneers of embodiment. My ‘Embody to Evolve’ approach and services are my way of moving this school of thought forward, developing it, and showing people just how many ways there are to heal and thrive. Most of all, embodiment is about connectedness, both to ourselves and to each other.”

How to Find the Retreat Location

How to find us

Masacote’s Weeklong August Summer Retreats are held at:

Oceanwood Retreat Location
17 Royal St.
Ocean Park, ME 04063
Just 1.5 Hours out of Boston

For guests driving in, there is parking on the premises.

Boston to Oceanwood Shuttle Transportation

Please note flights to Boston are not included. For all guests taking flights in, Masacote will arrange bus transportation from Boston Logan Airport (BOS) to Oceanwood and back to the Boston hotel Saturday. Guests are responsible for transportation to airport the final Sunday from Boston hotel. Masacote is not responsible for missed flights, which will require attendee to find his/her own transportation to the retreat location from Boston.

– August 2020 Retreat: Bus will leave airport at exactly 2:00pm on August 16th and retreat location at exactly 10:00am on August 22nd.

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What People Say

“More than a retreat, it was a dream getaway for a whole week, a mix of dance, culture, all in one amazing program with a wonderful weather, shared with wonderful people from around the world.”

Miledy Acosta

“It was another great retreat and amazing experience, and I cannot wait to go back in August. These retreats have literally changed my life and I am so grateful and thankful to you … for making me a much happier person and a better and stronger dancer. I feel so privilege to be able to attend the retreats and be part of the Masacote family.”

Andreanne Dion

“Absolutely incredible! The Masacote Retreat has forever changed me! I learned so much about, Salsa, and myself!”

Robbie Sky

” You can only get so far taking group classes, and I felt like I had hit a plateau. The retreat has definitely reignited my motivation to practice and do whatever I can to be a better dancer.”

Kerri Tulloch